Tips for storing your crafts when you have limited space


Whether you are a professional or a beginner crafter, having limited space for all your crafts can be a nightmare. Especially if everything is stacked together and you are having difficulty finding things. As you know, when the creative juices start flowing, any delay can lead to a loss of inspiration. Thus, it is always better to keep your workspace well organized and neat. But how can you do that when you do not have enough space to work with? Here are a few tips for storing your crafts when you have limited space.


Store your crafts in transparent containers

The best way to find something fast is to store it in a transparent container. You do not have to buy new ones made explicitly for this purpose. Simply reuse old jars or plastic kitchen containers. Though not everything you have will fit into them, they are great for organizing your needlepoint accessories, for example. Also, using them means you will have to forget about the artistic mess because, unlike colorful boxes, they will somewhat ruin the beauty of your space. But it is worth the price, for they are so practical. Narrow, tall jars will be perfect for storing needles and paintbrushes. And in smaller ones, you can put a range of different materials, from glitter to paints.

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When you have limited space, start using the walls

No matter how small your workstation is, you can solve a lot of problems when you start thinking vertically. There are limitless craft room ideas for your handmade business, yet all of them share the same basic notion of using walls for storage. And it is absolutely perfect with so much empty surface just lying there, not fully exploited.


So, before you start creating beautiful crafts, make sure you have a ready and operational workstation by nailing a few pegboards on the wall. If you are renting a place, then it is better to glue them, however, keep in mind that they might not be able to hold a lot of weight. They are perfect for organizing a fair amount of your materials and tools. Also, you can always have fun with them and paint them in different colors that fit with the rest of your craft room. If you have small open containers, fix them on the wall, and thus free up space on your desk.


Long term storage for your crafts

If you are between two homes, it might be impossible to transport all your belongings and crafts. One way to keep them safe as long as you need is to put them in long-term storage. However, you must pack all your items well so they can remain in the storage damage-free. Start by separating all your fragile items and wrapping them with bubble wrap. Do not use simple cardboard boxes but more durable plastic ones. Also, make an inventory of everything you need to store to know the exact size of the unit you need. 

Take some time to organize everything inside because you never know when you might need something. If there is no system, it will take you hours to find one single thing. Once you are done storing your crafts, cover all the boxes with plastic sheets to protect them from dust.


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Assemble multiple shelving units

Dedicating just one wall for shelves will not take too much of your space, considering that they have the potential for storing a lot of your crafts. And if you are planning to expand your craft business, you will not have to look for a bigger space soon. If you have an old cupboard lying around, you can easily restore it and customize it so that the size fits your room perfectly. Visit a neighboring thrift store for old shelves because they will look like new with a bit of fresh paint. Once you have them installed, you can fill them with simple cardboard boxes and containers, each one functioning as a separate drawer. However, unlike a regular drawer, you will have easy access to what is inside because you can easily move them around.


Label everything

Even in a perfectly organized space, if you have many non-transparent containers, it will take forever to find something. You might think it is your space, and of course, you know where everything is, but why risk it. In a critical moment, a slip like this can cost you an entire piece you have been working on. Print out labels and tape them on the front of boxes so that if you ever change their usage, it is easy to stick a new label. Also, besides labeling, you should organize everything by grouping them into categories. Yes, this will take some time, but the benefits are too many to miss this step.


Caption: Proper labeling will speed up your work.

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With a bit of imagination, you will have a perfectly utilized space

For storing your crafts when you have limited space, you will need an abundance of creativity. However, often it is a process that can take a few days to finish, so make sure you free up your schedule. If you rush it or do it last minute, the results might not be as functional, and they will cause you more trouble than good. And we all know that when the works start there shouldn't be any interruptions. Therefore, once you start planning your workspace, always keep in mind that organization is crucial for any business, and crafts are no exception.


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