Needlepoint Manufacturing and Wholesale Needlepoint

Good Threads offers private label needlepoint manufacturing services. We can make a large variety of needlepoint items and are happy to put your company’s logo or branding on those items. Our largest private label client is Bauble Stockings. They use us to make all of the needlepoint stockings they sell and are expanding into new products in 2021. They use our story, the way we treat/pay our employees and the fact that we are a B Corp(( in their marketing and it is has helped them more than 10x their annual sales in the 3 years they have been working with us.

Using Good Threads for your companies needlepoint manufacturing ensures great service, quick turnarounds on your orders and a great story/message to use in your marketing. We love private label work and will work with you on minimum order quantities and needlepoint product development.

Needlepoint Manufacturing

Wholesale Needlepoint

We offer wholesale pricing on needlepoint keychains, needlepoint belts, needlepoint dog collars and needlepoint youth belts. It is easiest for retailers to buy from us using Faire. If you have any questions feel free to contact our design and customer service team by submitting a custom order form.

Good Threads offers the lowest whole minimum order quantities that you will find. We will also send you some marketing material about how well we pay our stitchers, our connection to our sister nonprofit and other information about the good we do with needlepoint.

Needlepoint Manufacturing

About Good Threads

Good Threads manufactures needlepoint products in Jacmel, Haiti. We pay many of our needlepoint stitchers, who we teach to needlepoint, more than local teachers and nurses make. Our stitchers are paid by the piece, so they can stitch at home while they take care of their children and household. We are a certified B-Corp, AKA Benefit Corporation. To become a B-Corp you must go through a 2-3 month long interview and verification process. They ensure you meet their standards of a corporation that is benefitting its community and that your claims are true.

We also give 15% of our profits to our stitchers and 2% of revenue to the Joan Rose Foundation as a donation. We have hundreds of stitchers who needlepoint for us and are genuinely committed to helping our people improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Needlepoint Manufacturing