Why Choose Good Threads?

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Why Good Threads
There are several commercial needlepoint companies, you might be asking why you should choose Good Threads? We are the only needlepoint company with a strong social mission/give back and also offer the best quality needlepoint in the Industry. 

5 Reasons Good Threads is a Social Business 

  1. We pay our employees well above the market rate for their labor: In a country like Haiti where unemployment and poverty are rampant people are willing to work for wages that they cannot possibly live on. We could pay our employees the same salary as a local maid and would still have an easy time finding women and men to accept that rate.  However, we believe that the people that work for us deserve a liveable wage and so pay as much as the company can afford for their labor, 2-6 times what a local maid makes
  2. We donate 2-3% of all revenue to the Joan Rose Foundation, this adds up to over 25,000 meals to date for children at the JRF: The meals consist of rice, beans, meat and avocados when in season. 2-3% might not seem like a lot but it really adds up. Many companies advertise giving away a percentage of profit but the dirty little secret is that most young companies do not have any profits and profits are easilly manipulated through a variety of account tricks. When you give away a percent of revenue you ensure your operating will generate a donation. Today Good Threads accounts for about 5% of JRF annual donations. 
  3. Our producers receive 10% of all profits: To be fair their have not been any profits to date but when they finally do come the stitchers will share in them along with the founders!
  4. We were created to support a non profit foundation help children break the cycle of poverty they were stuck in: Our founder started a non profit for impoverished kids in 2010, he quickly realized he needed to bring stability to the children's households if he wanted to help them long term. He learned about needlepoint and started Good Threads in order to employ the mother's and create a stable home environment, which is immensely beneficial to children. 
  5. We are an accredited Benefit Corporation or B Corp: A certified B-Corp, aka Benefit Corporation, is a business which has made doing good and giving back part of their mission. To become a B-Corp, Good Threads had to pass an extensive assessment regarding its structure, policies, financials, operating agreement and actions

The Quality of Our Products

We take the quality of our needlepoint products seriously.  We are the only needlepoint company to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our belts. If it breaks or falls apart at anytime you can send it back to us to get it repaired free of charge or we will send you a new one.  Our keychains and dog collars will last for years but we do not offer a lifetime warranty on them. We do offer returns free of charge and with no reason needed on all purchases, in which the product has not been damaged, for 30 days.  

Our Connection with the Joan Rose Foundation
I founded the Joan Rose Foundation(JRF) when I was 24 to help impoverished children in the Dominican Republic. The JRF is an official tax exempt 501c3. We would take starving children, both Dominican and Haitian, feed them 3 times between 11 am and 4 pm, put them in school, pay medical bills as needed and provide daily support and love. I was growing to love the children we would lose either due to their parents moving in search of work, getting evicted and moving or the child seeing some trauma at home that scarred them more than they could handle. I knew that in order to stop losing so many children and help our children long term that we needed to help bring stability to their households. To do this we needed to employ their parents, mostly mother's, as their local employment options were poor. I heard about needlepoint belts and knew I had a product that I could use to employ the children's parents.  Today Good Threads employ's just about all of the children at the JRF's parents as well as many local Jacmel workers. 


Good Threads and the Joan Rose Foundation moved from Esperanza, Dominican Republic(DR) to Jacmel, Haiti due to rising racial tensions in the DR towards Haitian's. 

Our dream is to continue to grow this company and provide even more quality jobs for Haitian women and income for the Joan Rose Foundation. To provide a woman or man with the opportunity to work hard in order to improve their children's diet, education and families stability is a beautiful thing and our sincerest hope is that we can continue to provide this opportunity to more hard working Haitian women and men

We make the best needlepoint belts, needlepoint keychains, needlepoint dog collars and needlepoint Christmas Ornament Stockings, Bauble Stockings, in the industry.

B-Corp Certification

Good Threads is a certified B-Corp. B-Corps, aka Benefit Corporations, are corporations which have made doing good and giving back part of their mission. To become a B-Corp, Good Threads had to pass an extensive assessment regarding its structure, policies, financials, operating agreement and actions.