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One Of A Kind And Made To Order

Create a one of a kind, custom needlepoint product with Good Threads! Good Threads uses premade and custom designs to create high-quality needlepoint products, designed to reflect your personality and signature style. Our range of custom needlepoint products includes dog collars, keychains, belts, and more, all made with high-quality materials and a professional needlepoint technique that creates a beautiful finished product.

The Good Threads brand was founded in 2010 when its founder was searching for a way to help young children in Haiti break the cycle of poverty that they were stuck in. It became apparent that in order to best help these children in impoverished communities, their parents would first need help finding a stable job and income. Thus, Good Threads was founded, to help mothers create a stable home environment for their children through a stable job in making high-quality needlepoint products. Today, all of our custom needlepoint products are handmade in Haiti, and Good Threads continues to focus on using the profits of each sale to give back to communities and help Haitian citizens in need.

Select one of our custom needlepoint products to begin creating your own unique design! For information about creating a custom needlepoint product, visit our Custom Product Order Form or contact us.


Needlepoint is actually one of the oldest forms of canvas work, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who used this form of stitching to sew up their canvas tents. Over time, needlepoint became a popular domestic craft and is now a widely used technique for designing small, unique crafts.

Unlike other forms of embroidery, needlepoint does not embellish a fabric, but actually creates a new type of fabric through sturdy stitching. Designs are created by changing the color of the thread while maintaining the same pattern of stitching along a stiff canvas with openings at regular intervals. Due to this style of stitching, needlepoint products are strong and durable, with a design that is more abstract and unique only to the needlepoint technique.

Good Threads needlepointers create each needlepoint product by hand, using their expert needlepoint skills to create beautiful designs and high-quality products. Depending on the size and design, each product can contain thousands of individual needlepoint stitches, all stitched by hand by our expert needlepointers in Haiti.


Customize a needlepoint product with Good Threads to create a unique design that shows off your personality! Customizing a needlepoint product is simple and our team can help bring your design ideas to life by creating beautiful needlepoint designs on the products you want. Don’t have a custom design idea in mind? Check out our premade designs for more products we know you’ll love.

Getting started on your custom needlepoint product:

STEP ONE: Choose the product that you want to custom design! Good Threads offers custom needlepoint belts, keychains, and dog collars all made with top-quality materials to create a beautiful finished product.

STEP two: Start thinking of the design that you want for your product based on the size of the product and how many letters, numbers, or images might fit in the space. For design references, check out our premade product designs!

STEP three: Order the custom needlepoint product you want, and make sure to leave us your email to contact you following your purchase.

STEP four: After your purchase, our designers will send you an email to discuss your design. Send us descriptions or graphics of the design you want, and we’ll help to translate your ideas into a beautiful needlepoint design. Feel free to send us pet photos, but please no other types of photos.

STEP five: Our designers will then send you a computer mockup of your design, and once you approve it, we’ll begin hand making your custom needlepoint product!

Common Needlepoint Designs

If you’re not sure what design to choose for your custom product, let us help! With so many years of experience in hand making needlepoint products, we’ve hand stitched all sorts of designs that we know you will love. Recreate some common, custom designs, or use them as your inspiration to create something completely original!

Zipcode Of Your Home Or Favorite Place
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Favorite Hobbies, Activities, Or Sports
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Picture Of Your Pet
Building Or Monuments

Talk with our designers after purchasing your product to create a unique design that reflects the places, people, and things that you love. We’ll help bring your design ideas to life, with beautiful, high-quality needlepoint stitching. Contact us directly if you have any questions about a specific custom design.

Custom Needlepoint Belts

Custom needlepoint belts are great gift ideas as they can be customized with images of your loved one’s favorite places, teams, or activities! Belts are easy to customize because their longer length allows you to add more design elements. Customize a needlepoint belt with a landscape design that uniquely reflects a city, town, golf course, or beach that you love, or create a design to reflect the flags of states, countries, or organizations that you are proud to represent.

Good Threads custom needlepoint belts range in size from 30-44 and are made with high-quality materials to withstand constant use. The sale of every custom needlepoint belt donates 2 weeks of food for a child at the Joan Rose Foundation. Your custom gift for someone you love is also a gift for someone in need. Begin customizing a needlepoint belt today, and contact us for more information.

Custom Needlepoint Keychain

Keychains customized with special needlepoint designs are unique ways to remember special places and people in your life. Good Threads needlepoint keychains are made with high-quality materials, tough enough to endure the daily wear and tear of using your keys everyday. The keyfob is large enough to be hand stitched with personal images and connected to your keys for a simple way to decorate your keys with a beautiful reminder of what means the most to you.

Custom needlepoint keychains are great gifts for special occasions. Customize them with a monogram, date, or image to celebrate a special day in the life of your friends or family for them to remember forever. For large groups, customize needlepoint keychains with your group logo to show your team members that you appreciate them! Bridal parties and groomsmen would also love a custom needlepoint keychain to commemorate your friendship and your special day together.

Custom Needlepoint Dog Collar

Life’s best companions are usually our four legged friends. They live with us, share special moments with us, and become a loyal member of our family with their love and affection. Customize a needlepoint dog collar for your dog to represent their special place in your family!

Good Threads needlepoint dog collars come in a variety of sizes to fit different sizes of dogs, and are easily customizable to represent you and your dog’s personality. Custom needlepoint dog collars are also great gifts for your dog loving friends and family members! Design a dog collar with their favorite sports teams, activities, hobbies, or places to mix their personality with their love for their pet.

For every dog collar sold at Good Threads, a child in Haiti is fed for 7 days. Not only do our needlepoint dog collars display your love for your pet, but they also help support the local communities of our needlepoint artist. Order your custom needlepoint dog collar today, or contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if a design I want will fit on the product?

To make sure that the design you want will work well with the product you want, check out our pre-made products and their designs to use as a guide for yours. As a general rule, try not to select designs with small, intricate details that could be difficult to replicate on a smaller scale. If you’re not sure if your design will fit well on the product you want, talk with our designers and they’ll help you to modify the design to look great on a needlepoint product.

Where are these needlepoint products made?

Good Threads needlepoint products are made in Jacmel, Haiti. Our needlepoint products are hand stitched by local workers to provide stable employment, strong wages, and the freedom for employees to work from home and take care of their families. Through hiring local workers, and using the profits of each sale to give back to the community, Good Threads is helping to improve the health and happiness of children and families at our sister, non-profit organization, the Joan Rose Foundation (JRF), also located in Jacmel, Haiti.

How do I clean a needlepoint product?

Needlepoint products should be cleaned with care in order to protect the hand stitching and colors. For best cleaning results, use a damp cloth and a small amount of dye-free soap to gently dab the product and remove dirt or stains.

Will I see my custom needlepoint design before the product is made?

Yes! We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom design before we begin hand stitching the product. You will communicate with our designers to edit and approve the final design before we make your final product.