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Hand-Stitched Needlepoint Dog Collars

If you are like most dog owners, you want the best for your pet. Pets love nothing more than positive attention, and they will get that and so much more if they are wearing one of our high-quality, hand-stitched needlepoint dog collars. On top of your stylish dog being the talk of the dog park, you are also supporting a business that pays its employees well above the local market rate for labor, shares profits with them and donates 2% of revenue to the Joan Rose Foundation, our sister nonprofit.

A Real Win, Win

You can do good for your dog and support hard working mothers and children in Haiti? A real win, win, spoiling your dog is always good and providing a hard working mother a few days worth of well paid work while also giving some money to a non profit foundation for their children is also good. . The Joan Rose Foundation works with Haitian children and shares a founder with Good Threads. The Foundation improves the education and nutrition of the children whose parents are employed by Good Threads.

So your dog can Look Good, Do Better by wearing a Good Threads Needlepoint Dog Collar

Our Mission At Good Threads

At Good Threads, we have a two-fold mission:

Provide quality employment for the parents of children enrolled at the Joan Rose Foundation and other hard working Haitian individuals. On top of a good rate for their labor we share our profits with our employees, we give 10% of profits to the stitchers.

Provide additional donations to the Joan Rose Foundation, a non profit that works with children in Haiti, by contributing 2% of overall revenue to the JRF. We are one of the largest annual donors to the Joan Rose Foundation.


David Palmer, co-founder and president of Good Threads, is also the founder of the Joan Rose Foundation. Their mission is to help impoverished children in Haiti break the cycle of poverty in which they were born. 96 children attend the foundation Monday through Friday, from 1 pm to 5 pm. They eat breakfast before going to school and then come back to the foundation after school where they will be fed lunch and then have tutoring and educational reinforcement classes. The foundation also pays for them to attend a local high end private school and pays for medical emergencies and other significant medical issues/expenses.

Each child is evaluated individually to determine whether college or developing a trade will best serve the student and their family. Supported by patrons across America through kind donations, many of these children will be the first members of their family to earn a college education.

So you see, it isn’t just the makers of our needlepoint goods that benefit from sales by Good Threads. In fact, each time a high-quality, hand-stitched dog collar is sold, it will provide at least 8 meals for a Haitian child.

Our company is a Certified B Corporation, a new corporate structure also called a Benefit Corporation (the first one was established in 2006) which balances profits with purposes. To become a B Corp a company must pass a rigorous qualification process involves an extensive assessment of the organization’s policies, structure, actions, financials, and operating agreement.EThey spend dozens of hours investigating a company’s claims, financials, conditions and structure to ensure that the company. We are proud and honored to have passed their assessment and earned the Benefit Corporation certification.


Each dog hand-stitched needlepoint dog collar is made using high-quality materials:


This strong and durable single-weave needlepoint canvas allows for a variety of stitches and thicknesses, perfect for dog collars.


A popular thread for needlepoint work, it is a non-divisible thread with a slight twist, allowing for a more textured feel and look than regular cotton floss.


Not only is this leather the strongest of all types, neither will it crack, tear, peel, nor puncture, making it the perfect durable material for your dog collar.


Our buckles look great and complement ideally with the full-grain leather in terms of strength and durability.

Thanks to the unique handicraft and imagination put into each needlepoint dog collar, they will be the best and most handsome dog collar your pet has ever donned: they are practical works of art which, through your support, do real good in the nation of Haiti, for lower and middle class children and adults.


We strive to meet the needs and wants of every dog owner. Knowing that these beautiful creatures come in an abundance of sizes, we craft our dog collars in the following size categories:

We encourage all dog lovers, and friends and family members of dog lovers, to have their dogs Look Good, Do Better in one easy step. Have any questions? Contact us and we will respond personally to each request or query.