Craft room ideas for your handmade business

If you are running a business that creates handmade products such as needlepoint art, you have undoubtedly had to develop ways to organize your needlepoint tools and accessories in the craft room. Good organization and arrangement of tools and materials you work with is essential for the functioning of any business, especially handmade businesses. Any disruption or mess can seriously upend your creative process. Therefore, we are going to talk about the most efficient craft room ideas for your handmade business.


Maintaining a particular order usually becomes secondary when you are in the middle of work. Hence, insisting on keeping everything tidy at all times can be a nuisance and even straight out impossible. But, no need to worry. A good craft room layout can help you minimize disruptions and clutter. Let's see how.


Wicker baskets as storage space

If your craft room is large enough, you can make use of wicker baskets. You can store all materials, tools, and other necessary materials inside of them. Make sure that the wicker baskets are labeled clearly and appropriately. It will help you keep up order and structure in your craft room.


Of course, you do not have to use wicker baskets. You can also use crates, boxes, or anything else you think serves the purpose. We find that wicker baskets are a great choice because they are light, easy to carry, and stack. They are also very visually appealing - they give off that organic, natural, warm vibe perfectly. 


However, some handmade businesses might necessitate more advanced storage solutions. For instance, if you work with materials that cannot be exposed to heat or light, you may have to rent storage to ensure such conditions. You should do some research to make an educated decision and rent a storage facility that will provide you with all you need at a reasonable price. Also, some owners of handmade businesses like to store reserves of necessary supplies outside of the craft room. They do so either due to space constraints or because they want to avoid replenishing their materials all the time.


Place a pegboard to store things vertically

Placing pegboards on the craft room walls is an excellent way to align tools and materials for quick access. You can also arrange the objects on the pegboard in a visually appealing way and retain that busy and purposeful, crafty craft room vibe. To go a step further, you can use an interesting material for the pegboard, such as bamboo, or paint it in a bright color or fun pattern. Also, the pegboard does not have to be reserved for craft room tools. You can proudly display your best handmade art or custom needlepoints you made here as well!


In fact, devoting attention to the appearance of your craft room can help you carry out a great digital marketing strategy that can evolve your enterprise. A social media profile with pictures, videos, and reels that capture the work done in the craft room can promote your handmade business the way traditional or word-of-mouth advertising can rarely achieve.

Repurpose old cupboards or wall organizers for the craft room

A craft room is different from all other rooms in your home or workplace because you can freely play around with the items in it according to your needs. Just as with the pegboard, you can improve your craft room organization by inserting a repurposed wardrobe, cupboard, or any such piece of furniture. And the good news is that you can take apart the structure, hang hooks for scissors, use drawers to divide up your brushes, needles, or other items you keep in your craft room. There are no rules - just be crafty.

Multiple shelving solves all of your craft room problems

If you have used your craft room for a couple of years, you might be so used to its layout that you do not even notice that it needs a serious overhaul. To fix this oversight, empty the craft room. It will allow you to analyze the space objectively so that you can maximize its potential.


However, if you are moving to a new property, you may intend to turn the basement, or the backyard shed into a craft room. It is the perfect opportunity to update the space and make the ideal craft room for your handmade business. Also, if you have a lot of craft room materials and supplies you need to move, make sure to make a comprehensive checklist. Even local moves demand careful planning and a few lists. So, if you want to organize a simple transfer to a new home, make sure you put everything on paper.


For handmade businesses, the functionality of the craft room can be a make it or break it factor. Shelving made to the measures of your craft room might be perfect for creating order and boosting productivity. Another useful component many people integrate into the shelving is a board you can lay horizontally and use as a craft room worktop. 

Repurpose old jewelry boxes, shoeboxes, and other containers

This storage solution is one of the most eco-friendly ways to organize your craft supplies. You can use just about anything, but some people prefer to use transparent objects made of glass, such as jars. This is because plastic containers are not as durable and air-tight. Also, transparent containers allow you to immediately see what is inside.



Still, appropriate labels can easily fix the identification problem if you think glass jars are too utilitarian. Furthermore, jewelry boxes may have separated compartments that make storing items more organized and precise. Whatever you may choose, be sure to adjust your craft room ideas so that it reflects the spirit of your craft. A needlework craft room, for instance, would profit from old cushions where you can pin your needles safely.


Pick some of our craft room ideas for your handmade business or use them as inspiration

As you can see, there are numerous craft room ideas for your handmade business. If you haven't found anything you like in this article, we are sure we have provided you with some inspiration to think of something completely new.


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