Kids’ Needlepoint Belts

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Add Some Style to Your Child's Wardrobe

For fun and creative belts that your kids will love, check out Good Threads’ needlepoint belts for kids. Good Threads hand stitches every belt to create a unique and high-quality needlepoint design that looks great and is durable too. Kids needlepoint belts come in multiple designs and colors to match your child’s personality, and are made with high-quality materials to withstand the playfulness and messiness of kids. Order a special belt for your child to match with their uniform, or to playfully add to a formal outfit for a special occasion. Unique needlepoint belts are great ways to dress up your children’s outfits in a fun way!

Break the Cycle of Poverty

Good Threads is dedicated to more than simply making quality needlepoint products. In 2010, the Good Threads brand began when its founder saw the need for help in Haiti. Young children were struggling to break out of the cycle of poverty, and families needed more stable and consistent incomes to feed and support their kids. Thus, Good Threads began, as a way to provide steady, well-paying jobs to mothers and help them provide for their families’ needs. Today, all of our custom needlepoint products are handmade in Haiti, and Good Threads continues to focus on using the profits of each sale to give back to communities and help Haitian citizens in need.

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Customize a needlepoint belt for your kids to create a unique and fun addition to any outfit! Kids love to express themselves in fun ways, and a creative belt with special needlepoint designs can help them to do just that! Customize a needlepoint belt with images of their favorite sports teams, activities, hobbies, or interests and watch their face light up as they wear it with pride. Needlepoint belts can also be customized with special team or groups logos to be worn together! Custom kids needlepoint belts with images and designs that represent their personality are great ways to encourage kids while helping them to feel confident in the clothes they wear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is each belt made?

Each kids needlepoint belt is handmade in Jacmel, Haiti, by professional needlepoint stitchers.

How can I wash the needlepoint belt if it gets dirty?

To clean a needlepoint belt, simple use a damp cloth with a small amount of dye-free soap to gently dab the threading and remove any dirt or stains.

What are the sizes for each youth belt?

Our youth belts range in sizes from small to extra large. Here is a sizing guide to help you determine which size you need: