How Can Your Online Craft Business Benefit from Self-Storage

How Can Your Online Craft Business Benefit from Self-Storage

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Meta: How can your online craft business benefit from self-storage? There are several ways you can improve your handmade business with the help of a self-storage unit. 


Thanks to various e-commerce websites promoting handmade goods, many independent artisans and organizations have managed to revive the popularity of handmade products. Nevertheless, starting and developing a successful online craft business is certainly no easy feat. If you are running an online handmade crafts company, you should improve and expand your production. Having a dedicated place for the various demands related to creating your artisanal products can help you achieve this. Hence, this article will explain how an online craft business can benefit from self-storage.

Self-storage allows you to stay focused and organized

As an independent craft business, you have to figure out how to solve many organizational and manufacturing problems independently. Unfortunately, renting a warehouse or an office is, in most cases, too costly for an independent business. And there is no need to say that avoiding all unnecessary costs is key to making your handmade business flourish.


Luckily, self-storage comes to the rescue as it allows you to keep your materials, tools, and artisans organized. So, you will never have to worry about misplaced tools and insufficient supplies. You will finally have enough space to place shelves, labeled boxes, containers, and drawers for sorting beads, yarns, needles, paint, threads, fabrics, or any other material in a logical manner. 

Organize the supplies for your craft business in the self-storage unit.

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Likewise, you will be able to grow your online influence. It will be so much easier to keep tabs on necessary supplies and orders in an orderly manner. How? Next to storage, many handmade business owners also use their self-storage unit as a delivery station.      

So, a self-storage unit is the perfect starting point for developing the logistics of your online handmade products company. 

Ensuring safety is one way your online craft business can benefit from self-storage.


While it is perfectly fine to launch your crafts business from your home, your day-to-day life can stall the growth of your production. Just think about it. Your family members, flatmates, or pets might get in the way or object to you running your business from your home. You might even compromise their safety if your craft requires you to use potentially harmful chemicals or tools. For instance, your family might assist you in creating custom needlepoint goods for your online business. However, your kids might harm themselves if they have access to needles, glue, paint, wood, or other such supplies.

A self-storage unit allows more space for storing supplies and growing your business. 

What’s more, as your business develops, storing all supplies in a limited space might become challenging. That is why many owners of handmade businesses opt for renting a storage unit close to their manufacturing. 

Self-storage allows you to keep your artisanal goods safe

Yet, it is not just the safety of your employees and family members you ought to consider. So, even if you have enough storage space in your home, the room might be inadequate in other ways. In fact, keeping your handmade products or supplies in your basement, attic, or backyard shed might be a recipe for disaster. 


Prolonged exposure to heat, rain, or humidity might compromise an entire batch of handmade products. And you probably do not have the luxury of wasting precious time, money, and resources on recreating ruined products, settling late shipments, and regaining your customers’ trust. 


Hence, a self-storage unit ensures your products and supplies are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. What’s more, you will never have to worry about stains, rust, mold, dirt, or dust damaging your precious handmade items. 


You should also be careful when moving your goods to the self-storage unit. If you have too many items, or they are delicate or hard to carry, you should consider hiring an experienced moving crew. The experts from Movers Toronto say they have helped many clients transport their specialty items to the required destination. What is more, a moving company can help you pack and store your online craft business inventory safely and efficiently.

You can advance your online craft business with the help of self-storage

Managing your online craft business from your home usually comes at a standstill once demand starts growing. So, you will probably need more 'manpower', more supplies, and thus more space. This is particularly true if you are making bulkier items. Still, even smaller items such as handmade keychains require you to have a constant supply of materials to keep up with demand. 


Furthermore, many handmade e-commerce businesses differentiate themselves from retailers who sell mass-produced products by committing to green, environmentally-friendly storage, production, and shipping policy. If you strive to establish your business in line with such principles, you should be able to vouch to your customers that you choose an eco-friendly way to store your supplies and products. Renting a storage unit from a green storage provider is a step toward branding your business as environmentally responsible and eco-conscious. 

Use your storage unit for marketing your product

But why stop at using the storage unit solely for eco-friendly and organized storage? You can easily make use of the storage unit for marketing purposes. For instance, you could devise promotional campaigns, organize events or workshops for your local community, and invite customers and retailers to see how you produce and store your handmade products. 

You can even organize photoshoots in the storage unit and take pictures with professional lighting.

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So, having a storage unit can help you advertise your product in a shrewd and noble way. Furthermore, you can sound off your activities on social media. Customers typically tend to purchase from a crafts company they can trust. So, you will be able to show your customers and your community that you run your business transparently and responsibly. 

As you can see, there are many ways your online craft business can benefit from self-storage. Hopefully, this article has encouraged you to devise effective and innovative ways to advance your handmade crafts business. We wish you all the luck in your handmade business ventures!

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