Best Handmade Items to Sell at Festivals

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Creating and selling unique products to people is not an easy thing to do. How can one create a profitable handmade business with the shopping experience moving to the online world? If you are crafty and imaginative, being your own "art director" can be very satisfying and even profitable. Creating handmade items like home decorations, accessories, and souvenirs is always a good way to attract buyers to festivals. So, which items should you rely on to bring you the most money? Let's take a look at the list of best handmade items to sell at festivals. 

Sell things people need

The best way to sell items at festivals is to think about what people will be looking for. Some of them will search for an item to remember their experience by. Others will look for unique handmade items they have never seen before. However, most people will want to buy products they will use in everyday life. If you want to make sure to sell your handmade products, these are some of the items you should display:

  • Art pieces – Is there a better way to save a memory of a festival than by buying a piece of art? The best way to sell art in festivals is to create small items that many can afford. For example, mini-paintings of famous artists are always a good way to attract customers.
  • Different accessories and clothing pieces. One thing is for sure – items like scarves, hats, and sunglasses are the things everyone needs. People who will look for affordable items to buy will not hesitate to spend money on these
  • Handmade bags. One of the best things about handmade bags is that you can design them any way you like. A simple festival-inspired print will become an attractive product for your buyers, especially ladies
  • Skincare, bath, and body products—if you are crafty with creating soaps and other handmade cosmetics, you will sell plenty of these at festivals, for sure. You can create anything from lip balms, lotions, and similar skin care products. If these products are unique and they come in travel sizes, you will sell them with ease
  • Items for kids–you might think these items might not look like necessities for people to buy. However, parents who come with children to festivals are usually eager to make kids happy and buy them a thing or two. Different products like stuffed animals, colorful pillows, hand bands, and simple key chains are affordable, and they sell very fast.

If you choose the right type of products for selling at festivals, it will be easier to make a profit. Starting this type of business is not simple, and there are many different mistakes in craft business you can make. If you want to avoid them, make sure to have a plan and create items that you can store safely and transport with ease from one festival to another.

Souvenirs are always a good choice

Besides items people need, they usually like to buy souvenirs at festivals. These items make them remember the good experience they've had. Handmade souvenir designs can be inspired by the festival's location or theme. When it comes to selling custom products you created, these products will surely have their fans. Here are some examples of souvenirs you could sell at festivals:

  • Art pieces with festival-themed motives
  • Hand-bands, necklaces, and badges
  • Clothes with prints of featured artists
  • Linen bags with inspiring quotes
  • Kitchen accessories inspired by the festival theme
  • Simple handmade home decoration pieces

Most popular handmade items to sell at festivals

When thinking of items people would buy at festivals, you should remember two things. They will buy items that will become a memory of the festival, or they'll look for things that look the most attractive on your stand. Wood-burned items, accessories for pets, custom jewelry, and unique art pieces are always selling well. Keep in mind that children will look for attractive and flashy items, while grown-ups will most likely buy unique and affordable souvenirs. 

Choosing the best handmade items to sell is not simple. Besides investing money in creating them, you should also consider the cost of moving your inventory from one festival to another. If you are traveling from one state to another and visiting different festivals, you should make sure to keep your inventory safe. Experts from State to State Move suggest looking for temporary storage solutions that will keep your handmade products safe. If you are traveling with it, make sure to choose a climate-controlled unit that you can access at any time. 

Tips for starting your handmade craft business

Once you get ideas for handmade items to sell at festivals, it's time to make a business plan. If you're just starting your craft business, there are different ways you can execute it. While some items can last for months in cardboard boxes, others will need special storage conditions. For example, handmade products made from organic ingredients are sensitive to temperature changes, so they require some preparation. In order to keep them safe between sales, preparing items for storage is vital. You should make sure to choose the right packing supplies and think of a storage solution. Before you start your handmade products business, take a look at some points you should write down in your plan:

  • Think of items that are unique and fast to sell
      • Create a price range—items that cost less than $10 will be the most popular ones
      • Choose a variety of events for your handmade product sale
  • Keep a record of your costs and profits
    • Plan storage and transportation for your inventory, especially if you plan to travel state-to-state

    A craft business can be the best way to express your creative side and make money out of it. However, the competition in this business is fierce, so making a plan will be the most important step. If you have simple, unique, and affordable handmade items to sell at festivals, you will surely gain profits!

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