Most Common Mistakes Craft Business Owners Make

 Most Common Mistakes Craft Business Owners Make


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When starting your craft business, you will have to invest a lot of your time, energy, and money in it. According to craft business owners who have done this already, you will also have to invest a lot of tears, sweat, and blood. Since there is so much to invest in your start-up business, you also have to be ready for mistakes. Mistakes are a normal part of starting a business. Some would say that they are also inevitable. But, that doesn't mean that you should make every one of them. You can avoid them by paying attention to those most common mistakes craft business owners make. Learn from other business owners and their mistakes.

Making Products Not for the Customer, But for Yourself

When your craft was your hobby, you made things that you liked and things that made you happy. Maybe some people like those things too, but the chances of everybody liking them are relatively low. We are all different, and thus, we all have different wants, desires, preferences, etc. Think about that when making your crafts and handmade products that you plan on selling to other people.

Making products not for the customer but yourself is one of the most common mistakes craft business owners make. And, it is one of the most expensive ones too! The products you buy must be appealing to customers, not to you if you want your craft business to bring you some money. Remember - this is your business, and the primary goal of any business is to make you money.

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Not Having a Business Plan

If you want to turn your hobby into a full-time job, you have to treat it like your business. That means creating a business plan before starting. Still, many people neglect this part - they decide to 'wing it.' But, that is not how businessmen and women run their companies. It doesn't matter whether you want to start a craft business or something completely different; you need to have a good plan in your head and on the paper. This plan will help you run your daily tasks, organize your finances, and avoid specific problems in the long run.

In this plan, lay out all of your goals for the future. For instance, one of your goals may be to move to NYC and to find opportunities there, opportunities that will make your small craft business grow. And the only way it can grow is if it follows your business plan!

Not Promoting the Business in the Right Way

Marketing may be the most critical part of running any business. That old saying - 'if you build a company, buyers will come, unfortunately, is not going to work. You need to make them come. And the best way to do that is to promote your craft business.

However, keep in mind that promoting a single product or even a whole craft business of yours is a lot more complicated than sharing your craft on Instagram. You need to have a marketing plan that will make your company look professional and attract serious buyers. No buyer will want to buy something from you if you look and act like an amateur. Thus, either educate yourself on how to market your products correctly or hire somebody who will do this for you. And, speaking of marketing, don't forget about those photography tips for selling your handmade crafts either! Photography of your products is what will sell your products

Caption: Good photos of your products will help you market them most effectively.

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Not Working 24/7

When your business was your hobby, you didn't have to work a lot on it. You did it only when you wanted. But, that has to change now when your hobby is your business. Whether you like it or not, you will have to work 24/7 on it. You will have to work day and night if you want to succeed. This is not the case with craft businesses only, no. All start-up business owners experience this. A new business is just like a baby; you need to nurture it constantly so it can grow.  

You may have to hire employees and even move to a bigger place to ensure this growth. Moving is going to be easy - find an office that suits you and listen to the advice of - hire professional movers to help you relocate your business. But, be careful when hiring employees - you need to find somebody you can trust, and most importantly, you need to hire somebody who shares the same working vision as you. Hiring the wrong people for the job is also one of those most common mistakes craft business owners make. 

Caption: Be prepared for a lot of work when starting your craft business.

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Expecting to Make a Lot of Money Overnight

Nothing happens overnight! But, expecting to make a lot of money overnight is still one of those most common mistakes craft business owners make. You can't be one of those! To start and expand your craft business - you must be patient. You know how they say - Rome was not built in just one day, so your business can't be built that quickly either. 

You will need a lot of time to build your business, market it, find loyal customers, and ultimately grow. This may require months (if you are lucky) and maybe even years. Just ask your fellow craft business owners how long it took them to be able to pay the bills with their business. And, whatever answer you get, don't get scared. You must remain persistent and go by the plan (business plan). Ups and downs, and the time it takes you to do them, are all a normal part of starting and having a business.

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