Buy Handmade Dog Collars for Charity

For every needlepoint dog collar sold, Good Threads feeds an impoverished Haitian child 8 meals.

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Handmade Dog Collars for Charity

We are dedicated to providing man’s best friend with a long-lasting, durable dog collar, with beautiful construction and fun needlepoint designs. Good Threads’ handmade dog collars for charity are crafted with the finest materials and assembled entirely by hand, from stitching to assembly, and are bound to make your four-legged-friend the most “pupular” pup in town.

Why buy handmade? Buying a handmade needlepoint dog collar from Good Threads means your furry friend can run, roll and play with style, without damage to their main accessory. But our dog collars aren’t just handmade, they’re handmade for charity.

For every handmade dog collar sold, we donate eight meals to an impoverished Haitian child at our sister charity, The Joan Rose Foundation. Good Threads is also the leading employer of parents who have children enrolled in the JRF, providing them with dignified employment and life-changing income—up to 7 times the standard wage in Haiti—enough to elevate the household out of poverty. These hard-working artisans thread every stitch of our handmade dog collars for charity, are paid per item, and stitch from the comfort of their own home where than can look after their family and save on childcare.

Good Threads also provides artisans and their families with healthcare, private school tuition for their children, loan programs, land to build new homes on, construction assistance for these homes and much, much more.

Order from our in-stock options on this page, or design your own handmade dog collar for charity! Our design catalog is always expanding, with new designs rolling out all the time. We also offer matching needlepoint belts and keychains, which are also handmade for charity.

Every Purchase Makes a Difference

For every needlepoint belt sold
Good Threads feeds an impoverished Haitian child 15 meals