Tips to organize your needlepoint accessories

Thread organized by color

If you find yourself in a situation where you spend more time looking for thread than working with it, you are in desperate need of some organization. Keeping things tidy and orderly will help you focus better and have more time for your designs. There are many tips to organize your needlepoint accessories. You only have to find solutions that work for you. Depending on available space and your budget, you can find different ways to store and categorize your stash. You might need to purchase a few storage containers, or you can use items you already have at home. However you imagine your workspace, there are various options out there that can help you create it. 

First, you need to organize your needles

Needles are your most important tool, so you should keep them well-organized. There are quite a few ways you can do this. If you have packs of needles on top of each other in a box, that is not a good system. Looking for needles while working on your needlepoint products can be pretty stressful and time-consuming. It would help if you considered introducing file storage to keep the packs after sorting and labeling them. This method can work well if you have a lot of different needles.  

Needle tubes are another excellent choice for needle storage. These tubes are affordable and already come with labels. Storing your needles in these tubes will keep your most essential tools highly organized. You can buy them online or make your own with a little bit of effort. They can be plastic or made of wood, you can choose whatever material you find suitable for your specific workstation. 


Organize your needlepoint threads

If you are serious about your needlepoint passion, you certainly have tons of different types and colors of thread. It would be best to have some organizational guidance to help you categorize the thread and keep it neatly within hand’s reach. You can opt for different methods, depending on how much room you have. Some great options don’t require you to spend a lot of money. For a couple of bucks, you can have your stash always ready for the next great custom needlepoint design. 

If you have a file folder box lying around somewhere, it can be a great solution to keep your threads organized. You only need to purchase some keychain rings to attach the threads. Punch small holes in the file dividers and put the rings through. You can organize your threads by color or type, whichever way suits your preferences. That can be an economical way to keep your finished or semi-finished needlepoint keychains, as well.

Another efficient way to keep your thread organized is to use plastic sleeves and a notebook. You will need several notebooks and a lot of sleeves if you want this method to work. This is an excellent way to store tread by color, and it doesn’t require much room. You can even label every notebook and sleeve for an extra touch of organization. 


Find a place for your growing needlepoint stash

Once you’ve organized your needles, threads, and skeins, you will want to store them along with your other needlepoint accessories. If you don’t have the luxury of a separate workroom, you should think of smart ways to use space at home. This is the time to let your creativity shine and explore different at-home storage solutions. You might want to dedicate a corner of one of your rooms to your hobby. Use boxes and baskets to keep your stuff inside a cupboard or cabinet. If you have shelves, you can opt for some dividers to better visualize everything you need. Be thrifty and find a storage nook in your bedroom or hallway. You can even use the area under your staircase.  


Decide whether you’re more of a drawer or a shelf person

Some people like to keep their accessories in drawers, and some prefer everything in the open on shelves. Tall closets with lots of compartments can be a great way to keep your stuff organized. You can use them to store canvases, fabrics, and a whole lot of other things. For some, drawers are more practical, especially for keeping things like tools and needles. The important thing is to find a suitable storage system and perfect it along the way.

A few extra tips to organize your needlepoint accessories


If you need some additional ideas on where and how to store your needlepoint knick-knacks, here are some nifty methods to think about:

  • Zip-lock bags can be a great storage solution for all kinds of needlepoint accessories
  • Bobbins are a must-have for anyone wanting their thread in order
  • You can buy diverse thread organizers online, which allow you to sort as many as 50 colors
  • Tools that you often use, like scissors, should be within hands reach; you can use desk organizers
  • If you have a desk with drawers, use them, as they are great for keeping markers, magnets, pens, and even needles
  • You can use wastebaskets to store your canvases by size 
  • Use shelves to organize your needlepoint related books and magazines
  • If you have a variety of needlepoint items, you should opt for cabinets and larger drawers


Organizing is good for you 

Many people who know a thing or two about home offices say that your productivity is highly dependent on your workstation. Once you are satisfied with your work setup, you will become more fruitful with what you do. This can easily relate to the level of organization of your needlepoint station. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room, you should keep your stash in order. Seeing how organized everything is will make you more content and pleased with yourself. Lastly, following the tips to organize your needlepoint accessories will save you some precious time. Next time you start working on a project - it won’t take you forever to find the perfect needle or the right thread color. 



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