The Surprising Functionality of a Needlepoint Keychain

Most people underrate the functionality of a needlepoint key chain.  Needlepoint key chains are stylish and help people represent something they are passionate about, like a specific breed of dog, sport, hobby, location or business.  What most people do not realize is that needlepoint key chains are highly functional as well as being stylish.  

My favorite part of having a needlepoint key chain is how much easier it makes it to find my keys. I spend an inordinate amount of time each week looking for my keys, when I just have a couple keys on a key ring they are pretty tricky to spot.  When you attach a colorful leather backed piece of needlepoint stitching to your keys you will be able to spot them far easier than you can without a substantial key chain. If you save 3 minutes a week searching for your keys that is 2.5 hours a year, a key chain can easily last 4 years, even with hard use, meaning that buying a key chain could save you over 10 hours over it's lifetime. That is some tremendous time savings at a very reasonable price.

The other unexpected functionality of a needlepoint key chain is that it helps women find their keys in their purse.  Many women do not look into their purse when trying to grab their keys or other items.  To have a big loop of needlepoint to feel for more it easy for women to find their keys quickly with nothing more than their sense of touch. 

A needlepoint key chain may not be a life necessity but it will save you some time, look great and contribute to improving the lives of people in Haiti. Get your custom needlepoint key chain or check out our selection to find a stock design that you love.  

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