How to write great handmade product descriptions

Great handmade product descriptions on the coffee and sugar stone jars.


Using marketing terms, product description is the text copy that describes and explains the product. But, for handmade products, this explanation seems like it lacks something of essence. While the purpose of the description is to provide basic information, it doesn't necessarily need to look like it's written by robots. Of course, with all the search engine optimization in mind, there are sets of rules you should follow, mainly because you want to please search engines and rank your website better. But, the main event happens when potential customers visit your product pages in search of something to buy. For this, there is no harm in using a bit of creativity to make the description more compelling. With great handmade product descriptions and a visually appealing website, your visitors will have something to remember you for.

Steps to writing handmade product descriptions

When you have visitors on your pages, product images usually leave the first impression. The next thing people will look for would be the prices. And if both factors suit them, they will read your product description. Should they find something of interest, they will explore and make comparisons. Because it can be a deciding purchasing factor, having a great product description really matters. This is mainly because handmade products are often unique, from the way they are made to the quality and touch of personality they provide.

If you want to improve your online sales, here are the steps to write great handmade product descriptions:

  • Think about who are your customers
  • Examine your product pages
  • Don't just describe, explain your product
  • Be creative in your descriptions
  • Include additional information in the product description
  • Make sure everything is up to date

Think about who your customers are

To better understand how your visitors think, do a little experiment. Go to your products' pages and imagine you are the customer. Think about what information you would like to see. See if there is something important missing that could otherwise motivate you to complete the order. Basically, analyze the current descriptions you have and think if there is room for improvements.

Also, think about who your average buyers are. If possible, try to assume the demographic groups they belong to. Who might they be? What products do they prefer? Is there something that could attract them even more? Try to anticipate their behavior and support those conclusions with a bit of online research. Once you answer these questions, you can work on the descriptions that will be interesting and useful for this target audience. But, by all means, don't try to please everyone. A too wide target audience might not be specific enough to help you with this task.

The “Who? How? What?” written with charcoal on a blackboard.

Place yourself in your customers’ shoes to better understand their needs.

Examine your product pages

The next step is to see if your overall design aligns with your handmade products. For example, if you are selling wood crafts, the contemporary design might not be the best choice. If you are using WordPress, changing templates might not be so complex. But, if you lack the technical knowledge to do it, WP Full Care and other web design companies can do it for you.

Once the design is suitable, check if you can enhance your product description with social media buttons. Remember, you can write a marvelous description, but merely having text might not be enough to satisfy the visitors. They will also want to have the opportunity to see what other buyers have to say about your handmade products. For this, you can combine reviews and ratings on the product description pages.

Don't just describe, explain your product

One of the biggest mistakes is to simply describe a product and leave it as it is. Obviously, people can make conclusions solely from the picture. And people who are looking for something specific are already somewhat familiar with what it is. Instead, explain who can use your product and how it can be used. Basically, you want to give your visitors an explanation about how this particular product suits their needs. In other words, offer a solution and a solid reason to choose your products, not just a simple description. For example, if you are making needlepoint belts, expand the story with some good examples like "girls’ favorite", "perfect for your friend," and similar.

A writer writing with a feather.

 Write a compelling, informative story to catch your visitors' attention.

Be creative in your descriptions

Nothing stops you from being a bit creative when writing your handmade product descriptions. If possible, you can go as far as to use some of the less common terms. Something that will give the entire page a bit of a vintage or vogue feel, depending on the product. For example, you can say amber or saffron when describing the colors. If you are selling handmade winter hats, describe the winter poetically. Then place the attention on the hat's color, texture, material, and coziness. Finally, try to evoke emotions with your product description.

If you create product variations, mention that too. Speaking of hats, emphasize the different patterns or color schemes the hat can come with. Or even personalized emblems or other details. Everything that makes your handcraft stand out, make sure to mention it.A girl in winter hat drinking tea outside in the snow.

Caption: Creatively describe the situations to evoke emotions.

Include additional information in the product description

All the creativity aside, there are other factors that can make your product description better. If you think your buyers will wonder about specific details, don't fail to mention them as well. For example, shipping methods and delivery time. Now, if you are selling only within your area, this might not be necessary. But, if you are selling to other states, or even internationally, this will be a crucial piece of information. For this, you can find different plugins to help you automate the display of this information. They are great because they can easily integrate into your product description to make it more informative.

Make sure everything is up to date

Both product descriptions and your website should be up to date with trends and information. Furthermore, everything has to be properly formatted to be recognizable and easy to read, even at a glance. People will often scan through your product description and hold their attention to the points of interest. Use proper headlines, bullet lists, and appropriate font sizes to help them easily absorb relevant information. Also, regularly check if everything is in order and maintain your website properly. By doing this, you will keep your website running 100%, without any downtime or issues that may interrupt your crafting business. In addition, don't be afraid to make additional changes should you find something that might work better.

In conclusion

Great handmade product descriptions combine all the page elements into one satisfying experience. From the design to the text, everything should be synchronized for the best usability. Not only do descriptions have to be informative, but they also should send the message. It is a message that your products are quality solutions for their needs, trendy, and popular among other people. Only this way can you motivate your visitors to find something for themselves and make the purchase. Given these points, it makes perfect sense to dedicate some additional time to work on your product descriptions.


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