Buying a Custom Needlepoint Belt vs Making a Custom Needlepoint Belt

Many people struggle with the question of whether or not they should stitch a custom needlepoint belt for their loved ones or buy a belt made by a company like Good Threads. What many people do not know is that it is actually more expensive to make a needlepoint belt yourself than it is to contract it out to a Good Threads.  The design and kit of thread and canvas will generally be about $150 USD and the finishing work for turning the piece of stitched canvas into a belt will generally be another $125-$150 USD.  In total it will generally cost you about $300.00 to make your own custom needlepoint belt. Good Threads charges 175-250 depending on how many designs the client wants on the belt.  Some people find needlepoint to be therapeutic and enjoy the process of creating a piece of stitching.  Others are more results oriented and just want a cool custom needlepoint product like a life belt.  If you are in the latter group and do not enjoy the art of needlepoint or have the 30-50 hours that it will take to make a belt then we encourage you to use Good Threads for your custom needlepoint needs.

Here is how the process works with Good Threads. You send us the designs you would like on the custom belt, dog collar or keychain. We then put that image into our digital stitching program and send it back to you for approval. Once your design is approved we give that design to one of our highly skilled needlepoint stitchers, who will create the piece of needlepoint that we will then turn into a belt, dog collar, keychain or kids belt.  You will receive your needlepoint product 4-6 weeks from the point we approve the design. Our pricing varies based on how many designs and the quantity of products ordered.  Single belts run between $175-$250 depending on how many designs the client wants on the belt.

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