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A belt is used to keep your pants firmly around your hips and usually is made of brown or black leather. A needlepoint belt from Good Threads is much more. It is a display of your love and commitment to your favorite sports team, a symbol of your patriotism, it shows the pride you have in your alma mater, it lets others know you belong to a select club or organization, it gives others incite into your favorite hobby, it’s a crazy design of multi-colored teddy bears dancing in a line…

A needlepoint belt from Good Threads is an extension of YOU! It uniquely catches others attention, piques their interest, and CREATES A CONVERSATION! Want to stand out in a crowd of casually dressed people at a mixer, bbq, luncheon, or at the office? Purchase a needlepoint belt!


I frequently take my needlepoint belt off to let people touch and see the quality and detail of each and every stitch. They marvel at the precision and accuracy of each stitch and design.  More often than not it is their first time seeing and touching a needlepoint belt, and the experience makes an impression on them especially when they find out why Good Threads was created…




Every single belt from Good Threads is made with the best products available and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


When you buy a needlepoint belt from Good Threads not only are you buying a quality belt that will last your lifetime, you are providing a job for a hard working Haitian, and you are also feeding a kid at the Joan Rose Foundation for two weeks! To date, Good Threads has donated over 20,000 meals to the Joan Rose Foundation.

Why purchase a needlepoint belt?


Buy a needlepoint belt because they are flashy, eye catching, and unique! Purchasing one from Good Threads will help you stand out, look good, and show that you are supporting hard working Haitians who only want the best for their children.




Look Good! Do Better! That’s our motto and it is why we want you to purchase one of our belts today!