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Good Threads has recently changed our needlepoint finishing process so that 100% of our belt is made in Haiti.  This change will help us to make needlepoint products more quickly and efficiently. Up until now we have attached the tongue and buckle to our belts in the US. We would produce the stitching, attach it to leather and then send it to our US manufacturer for completion. Our US Manufacturer did great work, however the separation of the two processes caused logistical issues and increased costs.

Moving forward, our entire production will now be in Haiti. This will allow us to get products to our customers much more quickly, and and will afford us more control over quality control and the entire production process.

The savings associated with this move also allows us to focus more heavily on wholesale needlepoint sales. Our price points on medium-large custom orders are the best in the industry.

We look forward to continuing to refine our production process in order to bring you the highest quality needlepoint in the most efficient manner possible.