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Happy New Year from all of us at Good Threads! In 2017 we started making needlepoint key chains and dog collars, added to our catalog, and continued to grow as a company.

More importantly,

We continued to provide well paying jobs:


Meals for the children of the Joan Rose Foundation:


 Great needlepoint products for our customers:

 Skull and Crossbones Needlepoint Belt Houndstooth Needlepoint Belt Yellow Lab Needlepoint Belt

This year we stitched over 3,000 needlepoint belts, 1,000 key chains, and 500 dog collars. We paid out over $150,000.00 USD in salaries to our stitchers and leather processor. Over $150,000.00 directly into the Haitian economy! 


2017 was an extremely successful year for Good Threads! We accomplished a lot, but we did fall short of our goal of providing 200 stable jobs here in Jacmel, Haiti. This is our number one goal for 2018, and we would love to have your business and support to make this goal a reality.

Happy New Year!