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Good Threads Impact is a feature of this blog that focuses on the impact Good Threads is having in the lives of our employees. For this feature we will ask each stitcher five simple questions. Enjoy!

Ketline stitching a belt in front of her home.

Name: Ketline

Hometown: Caye-Jacmel, Sud-Est

Position with Good Threads: Ketline has been working with Good Threads for almost a year and a half. She used to wash clothes for most of our stitchers and this is how she learned about, and became apart of, Good Threads. Now Ketline stitches full time with Good Threads and also works as maid for an expat family.

1. What were your previous jobs before joining Good Threads?

I washed clothes for others. It was hard work because I would have to haul the water (from the water source, more commonly a well or pump) to where I was washing the clothes.

A Haitian woman washing clothes. Almost everyone here in Haiti washes clothes by hand!

2. What do you like most about working for Good Threads?

I like the money! If you don’t have money you live in misery because you can’t pay for food for your children or send them to school. I was living in misery before I started stitching belts because I struggled to take care of my kids and myself.

Ketline’s two oldest boys, Kenny (age 8) and Rony (age 4), attend the Joan Rose Foundation. Both boys are hard workers and have made significant academic progress since joining the foundation. 

They have never been to school and have been taking tutoring classes at the JRF to get them prepared for when they start school this September.  

3. How has working for Good Threads impacted your life?

I can take care of my kids and I am always busy stitching belts. David (Good Threads founder) gave me a loan to start building my new house. When I turn in each belt I stitch I pay a little toward the loan. If God wants, I will have the house finished in a few more years. 

Ketline and her two boys posing on the foundation of the new house she is building.

4. What is your favorite item to stitch for Good Threads?

I only know how to stitch the American Flag belts and the square belt (Multi-Colored Squares Needlepoint Belt). So they are my favorite.


5. What would you like to share to those who purchase Good Threads products?

Thank you very much! If you don’t buy belts then I don’t make money and I have to live in misery again.

Ketline and her three boys.

Ketline works two full time jobs to support her family. Good Threads loan program is helping her finance the building of her first home and the Joan Rose Foundation has helped her get her kids in school. Through Good Threads she has the ability to provide for her family and plan for their future. When you purchase Good Threads products you are supporting Ketline and her kids. Look Good! Do Better! It is as simple as that.