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Good Threads Impact is a feature of this blog that focuses on the impact Good Threads is having in the lives of our employees. For this feature we ask each stitcher five simple questions. Enjoy!

Name: Jeantilia

Hometown: Ouanaminthe, Nord-Est (Northeastern Haiti)

Position with Good Threads: Jeantilia is one of the original four stitchers Good Threads employed when we first started in 2012. Over the years she has trained and managed new stitchers, managed material inventory (thread, canvas, and needles), and she primarily stitches custom designs.


1. What were your previous jobs before joining Good Threads?

I worked as a maid in the Dominican Republic and also sold beans and avocados in the street.

2. What do you like most about working for Good Threads?

I like that I can provide my children a better future. I like working and if you don’t work, you don’t have money. Anything I need I can get because I have work and I make good money. Working makes my heart happy.

Jeantilia assisting GT founder David Palmer

Jeantilia managing and passing out canvas

Jeantilia passing out thread to stitchers.







3. How has working for Good Threads impacted your life?

I can take care of myself. I don’t need a man or anyone else to provide for me. I bought land in my hometown and plan to build a house there soon. I want to rent out that house and use the money to send my girls to university. Providing for my girls is the most important thing for me and this is the biggest impact Good Threads has made in my life.

Jeantilia and her three girls Felina, Milka, and Yanirisa 

4. What is your favorite item to stitch for Good Threads?

I really like the flag belts I stitch. They are difficult and I am one of the few stitchers who can do them well. I have learned about the different states in America by stitching these belts. America has 50 states!

A custom state flag belt Jeantilia stitched.

5. What would you like to share to those who purchase Good Threads products?

I want to say thank you thank you! You are helping us send our kids to school, support our families, and take care of ourselves!


Jeantilia at our Mother’s Day Celebration for the mothers of Good Threads. 

Jeantilia is one of our best stitchers and has been an extremely valuable employee over the years. Her ability to teach new women to stitch has provided these women with a skill that can help them take care of their families, and support themselves. Through her work with Good Threads she is helping to improve the lives of others while also helping herself and her family have a better future.