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Good Threads Impact is a feature of this blog that focuses on the impact Good Threads is having in the lives of our employees. For this feature we ask each stitcher five simple questions. Enjoy!

Name: Jeanline

Hometown: Cap-Haitien, Nord (Northern Haiti)

Position with Good Threads: Jeanline has been working for Good Threads for over four years now. She is not our quickest stitcher but she pays close attention to detail and rarely makes a mistake.

1. What were your previous jobs before joining Good Threads?

I sold clothes and sandals in the market. It was a tough job because I would have to go to the border town to buy what I sold. It was a long trip to the border and the transport was expensive.

2. What do you like most about working for Good Threads?

I like the money and the working conditions. I get paid good money to work from home. The more work I have, the more money I make. It is that simple. Right now everyone has work, so everyone is happy.


3. How has working for Good Threads impacted your life?

This jobs helps my family a lot. I send money back home and can take good care of my family here. I took in two of my family from up north and their life is better here with me.


Jeanline is married and has a daughter named Daissa. Daissa (pictured above) has been apart of the Joan Rose Foundation since 2013. Jeanline also takes care of two teenage relatives that she is able to send to school with the money she makes working for Good Threads.

4. What is your favorite item to stitch for Good Threads?

I like to stitch the dog belts.

  Golden Retriever Needlepoint Belt   

5. What would you like to share to those who purchase Good Threads products?

Buy more so David can get the money and give us more work!

Good Threads Needlepoint Belts