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Good Threads Impact is a feature of this blog that focuses on the impact Good Threads is having in the lives of our employees. For this feature we ask each stitcher five simple questions. Enjoy!

Name: Facilien

Hometown: Limbé, Nord (Northern Haiti)

Position with Good Threads: Facilien has been working for Good Threads for almost two years now. His main responsibility with Good Threads is transporting our products to our leather finisher and then to our shipping partners. He frequently leaves Jacmel as early as 4 am to make it to Port-au-Prince with shipments. He also stitches for Good Threads.

Name: Magali

Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Position with Good Threads: Magali is one of the four original stitchers Good Threads employed when we first started in 2013. She isn’t our quickest stitcher but she stitches well.


1. What were your previous jobs before joining Good Threads?


Facilien: I worked sewing T-shirts in a free trade zone in the Dominican Republic. I enjoyed this job very much but it didn’t pay much money. I didn’t like living in the DR because not all Dominicans respect Haitians.


Magali: I sold avocados and used clothes.


2. What do you like most about working for Good Threads?

Facilien: I earn a good living and work from home.


MagaliI always have work and that means I always have money.

Magali and Facilien working on a belt together in front of their home.

3. How has working for Good Threads impacted your life?



Magali and Facilien have five children and one grand daughter. Their two youngest kids and grand daughter are in the Joan Rose Foundation

Facilien: The money I make from this job helps me take care of my family. This job is better than my old job because I earn more.


MagaliI am always working. I work at a school cafeteria also and when I come home I stitch. So I have two jobs to make money which is good.


4. What is your favorite item to stitch for Good Threads?


Facilien:  Pirate belt on black.


Magali: Any pirate belt.

Skull and Crossbones Needlepoint Belt Pink Skull Needlepoint Belt   Boxer with Red Needlepoint Dog Collar


5. What would you like to share to those who purchase Good Threads products?


Facilien: Send us more work! We make beautiful products so you should buy more.


Magali: Send us more work!

 Good Threads Needlepoint Belts