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Good Threads Impact will be a feature of this blog that will focus on the impact Good Threads is having in the lives of our employees. For this feature we will sit down and ask each stitcher five simple questions. Enjoy!

Christiane stitching a belt in front of her home.

Name: Christiane Previl

Hometown: Sainte Suzanne, Nord-Est (North Eastern Haiti)

Position with Good Threads: Christiane has been working with Good Threads since we first started back in 2013. Christiane is incredibly talented in her ability to take a 1.2 inch tall picture printed in a word document and stitch it as a design. Our designs are now generally laid out in mac stitch, a stitching program that allows you to “map” the different stitches in each design. Before we incorporated mac stitch Christiane was our only stitcher who could just look at an image and then stitch it correctly. She stitches most of our custom belts and is with out a doubt our best stitcher. 

1. What were your previous jobs before joining Good Threads?

I worked as a maid for a family before I joined Good Threads. The work hours were long and I didn’t earn much money. I also had to spend lots of time away from my kids. I didn’t really enjoy the job and I don’t miss it.

2. What do you like most about working for Good Threads?

Well, it is a good paying job. I’ve never had a job where I have earned as much money as I do working for Good Threads. I really enjoy being able to work from home. I am able to get my kids ready for school in the morning, take care of them once they get home, and just spend more time with them. I also appreciate the flexibility of this job. I work when I want to and where I want to. If I want to travel home to visit family for a week I can just take all my materials with me and work remotely.

  Christiane and her daughter Francheska back in 2013. 

 Christiane and her daughter Francheska posing for a photo in 2017! 

3. How has working for Good Threads impacted your life?

Good Threads has helped me become financially secure. I have money saved up and I don’t worry about running out of money! I am also able to send money to my father, which is really important because I am his only child. Good Threads has also helped me get a bank account and David (Good Threads founder) has always given many of us financial advice and access to loans with no interest. Good Threads gives me consistent work, which provides me with money, and I understand how and why I should save money and spend money on the things I need for my family.

Christaine and her three kids Francheska, Jolansi, and Johnny.

4. What is your favorite item to stitch for Good Threads?

I like doing custom designs because they are always different. My favorite design I have stitched so far was a big truck. It wasn’t an easy design to stitch and I didn’t think I could do it, but I was really surprised with how good it looked when I was done.

A moving truck Christiane stitched on a custom belt for Palmer Moving & Storage.

5. What would you like to share to those who purchase Good Threads products?

I would like to tell them thank you! I’ve been working here since 2013 and the work helps me a lot. I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family if I didn’t have this job so I am very thankful for it. I am also very proud of making such beautiful products.

Working as a maid Christiane would make around $85.00 USD per month. Ever since Christiane started stitching custom designs for Good Threads she has averaged $325 to $500 USD per month. This is why Good Threads was created and why we would love for you to check out our awesome needlepoint products.

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