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Holiday season is here! For those looking for the perfect personalized holiday gift, look no further. A customized needlepoint belt from Good Threads is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the person receiving it as a gift. Here are five reasons why we think you should purchase a customized belt from Good Threads this holiday season.

1. Uniqueness and Creativity

Designing a custom belt really allows you the freedom to create a product that is unique. The belt you create will literally be one of a kind and display your creativity. If you want a full landscape, individual emblems, or something totally revolutionary – we can stitch it. We also provide you with unlimited opportunities to fine-tune your design, and professional design assistance (at no extra cost to you). Start designing a belt now!

2. Time Saver

Stitching a needlepoint belt is truly a personal and sometimes relaxing activity. But it is also time consuming. Stitching a needlepoint belt can take between 48 and 36 hours depending on the design and details. Leave the stitching to our incredibly skilled employees.

3. Save Money

Everyone wants to save money during the holidays. Our custom products cost 50% less than our competitors. You will not find more affordable quality needlepoint products on the needlepoint market.

4. Lifetime Guarantee

If at any time your needlepoint belt falls apart do to normal wear, send it back to us and we will fix it FREE of charge or send you a new needlepoint belt.

5. Social Good

In a country where 60% of citizens live below the poverty line, Good Threads provides dignified, well-paying employment to mothers struggling to provide for their children. Also, for every sale Good Threads donates meals to the Joan Rose Foundation. To date GT has donated over 20,000 meals to the JRF.


We are less than five days away from our deliverable by Christmas date. Start designing your belt here!