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At the beginning of this summer we launched our first catalog of needlepoint dog collars and key fobs! We are excited about expanding our capacity to create new needlepoint products and the new sales opportunities that will come from producing these unique and creative accessories.


Our dog collars are made with high quality pearl cotton thread, a solid brass buckle, and finished off with top grain leather. These dog collars are certain to make your dog the envy of the neighborhood! For every dog collar sold, Good Threads donates 14 meals to the children of the Joan Rose Foundation. Visit our dog collar page on our website, review our sizing information, and get your pooch a beautiful dog collar ordered today!




Our collection of key fobs will definitely brighten up and make your key chain stand out. We have 16 uniquely designed key fobs that are perfect for you. For every key fob sold, Good Threads will donate a meal to a child at the Joan Rose Foundation.


Our hand-stitched key fobs will help you not only Look Good but Do Better. Visit our key fob page on our website and order your key fob today!


Dog collars and key fobs will help us provide more jobs, donate more meals to the Joan Rose Foundation, and give more people the opportunity to support us through purchasing one of our fine needlepoint products. Here is a message from our founder, David Palmer, on expanding our product line,

“By broadening our product line we are able to employ more people and lower our price points so more people can support us.”

If you are interested in ordering a custom made dog collar or key fob and or interested in ordering key fobs and dog collars in bulk please send an email to: [email protected]