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B Corp Certification

b corp certified

B Corp Certification, An upcoming visit from an Instagram Influencer/Youtube star, and Faire Certification

We are proud to announce that we did pass the rigorous qualifications and examination necessary to become an official Benefit Corporation. We are happy to join a community of like minded businesses and give our customers more assurance that we are doing what we market.  We were created to give our people solid jobs and the Joan Rose Foundation an additional income stream.  It feels good for B Corp to recognize that we are an authentic benefit corporation and deserving of recognition for the good we do.

We are also very excited about an upcoming visit from an Instagram Influencer and Youtube star. Hannah Meloche will be coming down to Haiti to see the work we are doing and learn more about Haiti and the developing world. We are very excited to host her and the rest of her group. It is always interesting to see what people think about Haiti and our work.  As a company, we also do not do a good job of communicating how much good we do and how hard life is for our employees and prospective employees.  

We are excited to be becoming a member of Faire as well. Faire is a resource that helps us sell to retailers.  They create a page for you that is easy for wholesalers to use and market you to their list of retailers.  They then take a percentage of each sale that they source through that marketing.  They work with businesses like ours that are trying to do more than just make a profit.