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About us

Good Threads is a needlepoint company based in Jacmel, Haiti. We work with Haitian women to make hand stitched needlepoint belts.

Good Threads was founded by David Palmer and his brother Tim Palmer in 2012. Tim got the company up and running while David figured out how to actually make a needlepoint belt and train women to do the same. Both David and Tim were motivated by a desire to create a new revenue source for the Joan Rose Foundation and employ the hard working Haitian women of our community. Tim left Good Threads to join the US Military in 2013.

Today, Good Threads employs over half of the mothers in the “Village” that the Joan Rose Foundation is creating. Along with the Joan Rose Foundation we are growing, improving our people’s lives and providing our children with a pathway to success.

Learn more about our company, community and belts in our learn section.